More Christmas prep


Hi. I love all things Christmas and have been posting some of my Christmas prep, and if you haven’t started yet you can do now and catch up.Grab a cuppa this is a long post,you have been warned.

Lists – Cards,gifts,Christmas menu’s (from X-mas Eve until New years Day) all done.

Gifts- I have just a few more things to get, as I said in a previous post I set up a wrapping station and over a few days when I know I don’t see the Grandchildren I will wrap all of the gifts. I am lucky enough to have a large cupboard in the spare room so can be stored out of the way.

Cards-I have a few family cards but this weekend I am getting all of the cards I need and will start writing them in the evening whilst watching TV,be sure to check last posting dates if you have to post abroad and make a note of them on your calender

Food/drinks – meal plans done and I have started cooking meals for the freezer for meals when things are hectic or we have places to go and need a quick meal. I do cook ahead for the freezer anyway but am making more meals to keep for December,Chilli,Pasta bakes,Stuffed baked potatoes,Casseroles etc,it is so handy and cost effective to have these stand by freezer meals. You can also make and free items for your Christmas menu,you can make your own stuffing or stuffing balls and freeze them,make yorkshire pudding and freeze them,just make a few more when cooking your roast,make and freeze Christmas cookie dough if you make them,you can par boil your roasties and cook them in goose fat or the oil of you choice and on the day you need them just heat through in the oven,you can also prep your pigs in blankets and freeze them.This saves time if you have a lot to cater for and you will be glad you did it. Drinks-what drinks will you be serving? look our for deals now as Supermarkets are always reducing their booze,look out for wine deals three for two or buy a case and save money,you can make cocktails ahead of time for your party and freeze them. Buy non perishables now,add a few items to your shop,cranberry sauce,mustards,nuts,cheese biscuits etc all have a good date,if you bake stock up on baking supplies. I make make ahead cookie dough,gingerbread men and Christmas cupcakes for the Grandkid’s and Rocky road for friends. I set up a hot chocolate station and have got everything I need for that. I will post pics when it is set up, the kids love it.

You may want to pre order your turkey and any other meats you need now. I cook some things ahead but will prep the fresh veg etc for Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve.I get all my napkins and crackers and other table decorations ready on Christmas Eve and chill the wine and bucks fizz (a must for Christmas breakfast).

My Christmas menu is very traditional.

Christmas Eve

Breakfast- Bacon sandwiches (John’s one and only thing he can cook,no I am not joking!)

Lunch-Home made soup and a sandwich

Dinner-Either a chilli or curry from the freezer

Christmas Day

Breakfast-English muffin toasted,bacon,egg,mushrooms and grilled tomato,bucks fizz and coffee


Starter -prawn cocktail (John  loves it I am allergic to prawns) me -smoked salmon blinis

Main-roast turkey,roast beef,yorkshire pudding,pigs in blankets,roast parsnips,roast potatoes,carrots,sprouts,cauliflower cheese,mashed potatoes,cranberry sauce,dijon mustard and gravy

Dessert-Raspberry Pavlova and cream and or cheese board

Wine- Prosecco


I have plenty of leftovers and will use them boxing day as well as Christmas night.

Evening (if we can move after all that food earlier)

We have turkey sandwiches,pickles,salad and finger buffet food,then if we can face any more food maybe a mine pie in front of the TV

Boxing Day

Breakfast -same as Christmas day

Lunch-Used to cook another Christmas lunch but there is just John and I and he wants to go to the sales so we will eat out

Evening-A (what I call a pickie tea),left overs,finger foods,cheese board,olives etc

then in between until new years Eve we will have freezer meals or eat out if we are out .

New Years Eve

Breakfast-Full English breakfast

Lunch-Soup and Sandwich

Evening – If we are staying in and have people over I will do a finger buffet,id it is just the two of us I will do a cheese board,cold meats,pickles,salad etc and a triffle (Johns favourite, last year I made a lemon,raspberry and mascapone triffle,it was yummy)

New Years Day

Brunch – bacon butties (the best hangover cure if needed) Croissants and maybe bucks fizz and coffee or just plenty of coffee.

Evening- Roast beef and all of the trimmings and left over triffle.

On 2nd of January it is my Mum and Dad’s Wedding Anniversary so six of us (Mum and Dad,John and I ,My Sister and Brother-in-Law) all go out and we treat them to a nice lunch, I have yet decide where to go and book a table in December.

Bloody hell (excuse my language) looking at that it is a LOT of food! diet starts the next day !!!!!


De clutter – I have nearly finished this and have donated lots to the charity shop. I buy disposable foil trays to cook my roasts in over Christmas so easy and no scrubbing roasting tins ,who needs that! I buy them now as they become harder to get near the big day. I also buy freezer trays to free left overs and for my freezer meals.If you have a lot of guests make sure you have enough of everything,cooking equipment,serving dishes and enough stuff for your table settings.I have a big clean a week before Christmas and just tidy up, I then give every room a quick tidy and hoover Christmas Eve morning.

Décor – I have only got to buy lights for the outside of the house this year as ours bit the dust last year, I also stock up on tea lights. I pick up a few new tree ornaments and maybe a Christmas candle.I don’t have a real tree,did it a few times and never again,what with the dog and Grandkids….too many pine needles. I do make mine look pretty and have to be left alone,just me,my tree and decorations,national lampoon’s Christmas playing in the background,oh  and a glass of something nice and I am away!

Donations – I donate to a few charities and buy gifts and budget for these.

Events – I volunteer so have a few events I always attend and have planned for these in my diary. I like to go to a church service and a carol concert with my friend,a Christmas market,see a Christmas film and meal with John or if he doesn’t want to see the film I will go with a friend,we always go very late night shopping and I have to have my Christmas hot chocolate from Starbucks (already had my gingerbread latte from costa with a friend this week) etc and am checking dates for those now and fitting them into my diary.

My parents are away this year and it is one of the first times we will be on our own for Christmas Lunch,it will be very strange,the boys will pop in and we will see the Grandchildren but for the most part it will be just us.the boy’s all have their own plans this year. We have a party to go to on the 27th which is the party that I have helped raise money for and I will be writing a post all about that soon. I have a couple of dresses I could wear that no-one going to the party has seen me in so I won’t need to buy a dress. I have a couple for Christmas tops I want to buy because I suffer hot flushes there is no way I can wear a Christmas Jumper but have seen a couple of long sleeved t’s with snowman and Santa embelishment’s that I have to have. now is the time to have a wardrobe de-clutter,check any outfits you are planning to wear over the festive season need dry cleaning/mending or you may want to buy new outfits start looking now. Also if you do the new PJ thing on Christmas Eve think about getting them too.Check out the sales that are on at the moment.

Elf – We have Jingles our mischievous little Elf who visits us and  as I said in a previous post and I like to come up with fun things she gets up to, she arrives on 25th November (Rudolph day) Emily’s Birthday with a Christmas story book and a note from Santa telling the kids that he has sent an Elf and she will be popping in and out and telling Santa all about the kids and if they are being naughty or nice,the kids love it,Jingles gets up to all sorts,on separate visits she brings the advent,sprinkles for the hot chocolate station,a dvd and popcorn for the kids,pen’s and special paper to write Christmas letters,he brings glitter and glue to make cards but she can get up to some tricks,she has in the past,turned the milk red,had a tea party with the soft toys,made a snow angel in the icing sugar,ate biscuits and left crumbs all over the worktop. The kids love jingles and I love finding ideas on Pinterest for Jingles to get up is fun and what is the harm in that! I need to get some items for Jingle’s treats,home bargains sell Kids films from £2 and they have some nice cake kits and sprinkles,they also sell stationary which always goes down well,it does not cost the earth, I will take pics of course when the little lady visits us. I wish I had known about this when my kids were little! Emily is 9 coming 10 and is quite old for this but she still takes part,next year she may become a secret helper and help make up and set up surprises for the little one’s.

So phew,told you it was a long post,I am on track for getting all my gifts wrapped for the end on the month and pretty well organised,how are you getting along?

Thanks for taking the time to read my very long post! if you have any Christmas posts leave a link in the comments I would love to take a look.

see you soon x Dawn


5 thoughts on “More Christmas prep

  1. Dawn, I have so enjoyed reading your last two Christmas posts and your plans. Believe it or not I spent last Sunday wrapping all my Christmas gifts and only have a few more items left to get which are mainly boxes of chocolates to put in relative’s Christmas stockings. I love your idea of a hot chocolate station and freezer meals. I think I may have to pinch your ideas so please keep them coming!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dawn Hall

      Thank you for the comments I am glad you enjoyed my Christmas prep posts, the Grandchildren love the hot chocolate station and I try to find quirky things with a hot chocolate theme, I have cute sprinkles etc,I will post pics when it is done. It’s so satisfying isn’t it when it’s all done x Dawn


  2. I picked up a couple of gifts today. Actually just something to wrap, as the main gift for these two will be cash, but still I try to have something fun to wrap for them too. I feel like I accomplished something. 🙂

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  3. Loved reading that post, Dawn – but I’ve got to tell you, I have done NOTHING in preparation for Christmas. I can’t believe it, it’s already past the middle of November. I’m trying to work up the enthusiasm to start! xx


    • Dawn Hall

      I hope you get your Christmas motivation soon! I have to have all my cards done and gifts wrapped by the end of November,It is a challenge I have set myself for a number of years,I can then relax and enjoy the run up to the big day knowing it is all done,I still go shopping but keep any bargains for Birthdays coming up. I can concentrate on the fun stuff x You can get great deals online now as stores are offering free p&p or 3 for 2’s. X Dawn


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