Friday Five


Good morning, I have the most awful cough and cold and have hardly any sleep this week,it is driving me mad. I thought I needed a bit of a boost this week so am going in for a bit of blowing my own trumpet for my five this Friday.

Five things I am proud of.

1.Forming and chairing for a number of years a District fundraising committee for the NSPCC, we helped to raise money to fund vital projects to help abused children in Birmingham and the Black Country. I met some amazing people and am proud to say I helped. I still donate when I can and whole heartedly support the work that the NSPCC/Childline do as 100% of it’s funding comes from charitable donations and fundraising event.

2.Co-founding a support group for families with children with Down’s Syndrome,my dear and oldest friend from senior school had a little girl Abigail my God Daughter, who has Down’s,she was looking for help and information and found hardly anything and asked me along with another lady who’s little girl also had Down’s ,she sadly passed away at the age of three. I put forward the name ย FR.I.E.N.D.S Wolverhampton ,Families,Raising,Inspiring,Educating,Nurturing,Downs Syndrome and we had a big launch party where Liam Payne (pre-One Direction days) performed for us, we have had lots of fundraisers and meetings and met some really good friends along the way,sadly we lost the use of the meeting/play room which was a local Children’s Centre due to Government cuts but the members meet up locally when they can.

3.Being a member of my Granchildren’s PFA, we are a very small group and considering how small we help to raise lots of money for the children and school. Each child gets a present from Santa and a Christmas breakfast which they love. We have a leavers Prom which costs the children nothing and the leavers all have a gift,we donate various sums to the Key Stages for equipment,we have donated money for sports equipment and help fund some of the transport for school trips. We have various fundraising events,fairs,bingo,disco’s and fashion shows and sales. We all work hardย and pitch in setting up events,baking and making,selling tickets at the gate and giving our time.

4.Walking 9.8 miles collecting money along the way on a sponsored walk to raise funds for a teenage girl who has a bowel disease,she has had over twenty operations,she has been too ill to attend school and when well enough has a tutor at home,she missed out on her school prom (she wasn’t invited,shame on the school!) also a group of fabulous family and friends have done a number of events to fund her very own prom themed Birthday party,I did the walk along and was proud to take part, the girl in question has been in hospital for about three weeks awaiting a life changing operation.It has been cancelled a few times and we are waiting to hear any news.

5.This is a personal one, I am proud to say I have tried my very best to be the best person I could be, a good Wife,Mother,Daughter,Sister,Grandmother and friend,I am proud that even though we lost almost everything when John lost his business I held my head high and did everything I could to help us get back on our feet,it was a long battle with lots of tears but we did it.When we were going through bad times at various times of our 33 year marriage and 38 year relationship I did my very best to make things right. ย I am proud to say I have been there when my Mum ,who has many various illnesses,needed me,she has always been a very independent woman and it is sad to see through ill health her not being able to do the things she once did,my wonderful Dad takes such good care of her but she knows we are here for her too. I am proud to be my Sister’s Sister,that is something I wouldn’t have said growing up as we were always arguing over something ,I hope she knows I have tried my best to be positive when she was very ill with Breast cancer,I stayed cheery for her through her aggressive chemo and radio-therapy,hid my tears when she was around and did my best to be the best Sister I could be. I am proud to be a good friend to my dear friends,I listen to them(and them me),laugh with them and cry with them too. I am proud to be a good friend and very proud of my dear friends. I am proud to have tried to be the best Mother I could have been for my boys, I dedicated all of my time to them when they were growing up,helping them grow and learn and be there when they needed me.I am proud I have created many happy memories of their lovely childhood,I am also proud to be a Grandmother to my beautiful babies, I love making memories with them too, I will always be proud that I tried to be the very best I could be. I may not be perfect and may not have the best of everything but I am proud to say I try to make the best of what I have.

Phew,I have really blown my own trumpet,told you !

I hope you enjoyed my five x Dawn



7 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Love that list Dawn – sometimes we are hard on ourselves and instead of saying I’m not much good at anything need a time to take stock of our achievements .
    Take care and carry on the way you are. You sound like one of life’s very special people

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  2. Lovely post, that, Dawn. Very heartfelt and I totally agree with the other commenters – it’s lovely to reflect on what we like about ourselves sometimes, I think as women we are quite hard on ourselves most of the time, so it’s nice to see such a positive outlook. Thank you xx

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