Christmas Traditions


I love all things Christmas and have a few things we always do,it has changed since my boy’s grew up and left home as when they were here we always gave then new PJ’s on Christmas Eve ,write a letter to Santa and always went to visit Santa and other kids stuff. Here are our traditions for us,the empty nester’s with Grandchildren.

Our Family Christmas Traditions

We always have an advent full of treats and fun stuff to do (2 of us things to do,movies,shopping,etc,kids Christmas crafts,movies and popcorn,baking)

We always go to a Christmas fair

We always go to a Church Carol Service

We always go to see a Christmas Movie at the cinema

Mum (me) always watches National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation when she puts up the tree and the decorations and have done so for years

We always go late night shopping and have a Christmas hot chocolate at our favourite coffee shop

We always put out cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for the Reindeer on Christmas Eve (my grown up Son’s think this is hilarious)

We always put out our stockings

We always make Gingerbread Men

We always give a gift(s) to those less fortunate and volunteer with fundraising events

What traditions do you follow? ours have changed a little since the boys left home,we do fun things with the Grandchildren and I incorporate these activities into my advent.

x Dawn



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