More Christmas prep


Hello welcome to my blog,Christmas is coming,so be ready!

Last time I talked about lists,my lists are done,gifts,cards,meals for over Christmas,shopping lists so now I am concentrating on gifts and advent.


I have all of my Grandchildren’s gifts and have crossed them off my list.

I have a small gift for my Son’s partners and have crossed them off my list,have yet to get the main gift for the girls.

I have My mum and Dads small gift that I wrap and give them money ( they are going away and they have everything so they can treat themselves when they are away)

I have half of my Niece and her partner’s and my  Nephew’s and his wife’s.

I have a couple for John

1 of my friends, I can get the other this weekend as it is a book that is being released this week.

I have quite a bit done so am pleased as I am on track to having it all done by the end of November.


I have decided to stick to the brown paper packages that I did last year, I have a huge roll of brown paper that John got from a shop that was closing down years ago,it was three times the size as it is now it has been used for so many things,I loved using it and decorating it and everyone said it was lovely,here is the link to the post

I have to get some sticky labels and ribbon this weekend.


I have a little elf called Jingles she visits the house and leaves little messages and gifts for the children she also brings the advent full of things to do. I have an advent that is made up of numbered drawers and inside maybe a treat or something to do on that day. When I know the kids are coming I make sure there is a treat for them or a something to do that is kid related,have a hot chocolate with marshmallows,or make a friend a Christmas card, I get ideas and start now writing little notes. here is a link to last years post about advent and a few of our traditions.

Here is Jingles our Elf,he leaves notes and little gifts from Santa and sometimes plays tricks on the children,they love jingles and know that Jingles reports back to Santa so they have to be very good. Jingles is a very old vintage elf but so cute,she is called Jingles because she has a bell on her hat.

Emily with Jingles the Elf and her letter from Santa

Emily with Jingles the Elf and her letter from Santa

I hope you are getting on ok with your prep.leave a link to your blog/blog posts about your Christmas in the comments and I can pop in and have a look.

Dawn x


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