Sunday’s when I was a young girl


I like Sunday’s but they are very different to when I was growing up. The shops were not open on Sundays except for one corner shop. Sunday was very much a family day. When I was young my Dad used to take me swimming on Sunday morning then come home and then we (Mum,Dad,me and my Sister)would visit one of my Nan’s,I never knew my Grandad’s my Dad’s Dad died when my Dad was fifteen and my Mum’s Dad left my nan before my Mum was born.
When I was a little older my Sister and I would go to Sunday school and after lunch my Mum would get ready for work,she worked at the local hospital,my Sister and I would play in the garden or our bedroom and then my Dad would give us our tea and we would read or play monopoly before getting ready for bed.In my teens Sunday night was always Top of the Pops !
I always tried to have a family day when my boys were growing up and even now I miss Sunday lunch if we go out, I still like cooking a big family lunch.A few Sunday’s in the month we go out shopping and then lunch out but I do like cooking and I do a lovely roast so I have been told.
Sunday evening I do my ironing and watch TV and get Johns lunch ready for work as he is up and out by 4am.
What is your Sunday like?
X Dawn


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s when I was a young girl

  1. It’s nice to wander down memory lane now and again isn’t it Dawn. I enjoyed reading about your Sundays – it reminded me that no shops were open (except the newsagent and the pub) when I was little either. Do you have good feelings about any other days of the week?

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  2. Hi Dawn – our Sundays are usually quite quiet, but as you know, mine start really early with a bootsale, generally! We usually have a roast in the evening and sometimes watch an old movie in the afternoons. Hope all’s good with you and yours x

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