Friday five…senses

  1. Hearing, I love the music to to the Lloyds bank Anniversary ad,it is a song called wings by Birdy, it gives me goosebumps.The video to it is lovely too,here is the link.

2.Sight,Oh I  love this one,the sight of my darling Grandaughter Emily who is nine,reading my copy of the Borrowers ( The complete borrowers collection) by Mary Norton,my absolute favourite book ever. I got lost in this book when I was a young girl and wished with all my heart that a family of Borrowers would move under my bedroom floor board. Emily is only a few chapters in but I know she will love the adventures of Arrietty and her family. I can’t tell you how long I have waited for one of my Grandchildren to be old enough to read this book,Emily loves reading and i am excited to share the magic in those pages.

download I would spend ages sitting on my bed reading this book,my all time favourite book as a child.

3. Smell,oh this is easy too, when I hug my Grandchildren and their clothes smell of Comfort Pure fabric conditioner, I use it too as it reminds me of them.It smells like it sounds,pure and clean,I am easily pleased! I love smelling my fresh towels and sheets as it is like getting a hug from my beautiful babies even when they are not here.

Comfort_Pure_21Washes_750ml_FO_8717163044278I need this in candle form!!!! if anyone knows of  a candle that smells like this please comment.

4.Taste,at the moment hot buttered toast,the bread has to be a really nice seeded batch and the butter slightly salted,nothing like it for breakfast on a chilly morning or as an evening snack.


5.Touch, I am in love with my new soft a s a bunny blanket from home sense one of my favourite stores,it is a duck egg blue soft to the touch throw and I love snuggling in my chair watching a good drama on TV or when the Grand kids come they wrap themselves up in my collection of blankets, Mason who is five always asks if he can have my favourite blankie,bless him,how can I say no!

So I hope you enjoyed my five this week,please comment on your favourite’s too or send me a link to your blog in the comments as i love finding new blogs to read and follow.

back soon x Dawn


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