Friday five


Welcome to my Friday five,today is my Sister Tracy’s 52nd birthday so here are five facts about her,my brave,funny,wonderful Sister.

10698603_10203728929036238_7975245672600124903_n My wonderful Sister Tracy

  1. My Sister is my only sibling,she is two years younger than me,my Mum gave birth to a still-born baby boy at nine months before I was born.Tracy has two children,a boy and a girl.
  2. We did not get on at all when we were growing up,she was “the good one” I was a rebel,we argued a lot when growing up and had to share a room which was a nightmare because she was so tidy and I was so messy,since getting married and having children we have grown really close and speak every day either on the phone or texts.
  3. 3. My Sister rang me twelve years ago with the devastating news that she has aggressive breast cancer,she found a small pea sized lump and had a mammogram that showed she had a tumor deep in her breast that she would never have felt,she went to surgery for a partial mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes,she had chemo and radio therapy,she lost all her hair and went through hell but that treatment saved her life because the surgeon said that if she had not found the smaller lump the larger tumor would have spread to her organs or bones and she would not be here today. She has since has other surgeries and was part of a clinical trial and after a genetic study of our family medical history she was found to carry the gene like all the females on my Fathers’s side of the family (he lost two Sister’s to breast cancer). She is now cancer free thank goodness.
  4. We spent many happy weekends in Devon with our spouses,we had caravans next to each other,we had some really great times there,she now has a motor home and along with Richard her hubby and Lucy her beloved black lab travel around the UK and have just been to Scotland.
  5. She is so brave and funny and has recently lost a lot of weight,she did it all by herself and is an inspiration.I really love my Sister.

Happy Friday everyone,if you are taking part on Friday five blog posts please leave a link to your blog in the comments as I would love to read them.

x Dawn


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