What I did this week.


On Friday we did the food shop and I got everything we need for the week.
On Saturday we stayed in and did jobs around the house and I cooked a chicken tikka massala (used my favourite Lloyd Grossman cook in sauce) and we watched TV.


And because I had some strawberries I made an Eton Mess with strawberry coulis. It was really nice.


We went baby shopping on Sunday as my friend’s Daughter had a baby girl.I also got some stuff from home sense and there are pictures in a previous post of what I managed to get. We went to Frankie and Benny’s for lunch,I had the blue cheese burger and I had a creamΒ  soda which is really nice it is made with vanilla syrup, grenadine and cream soda.



John had Monday off as he had a doctors appointment so we went out Christmas shopping while we had the chance and we got 10 gifts crossed off the list. We have a long list and I like to be done for the end of November.
I had the Grandchildren after school on Monday and Tuesday and I had to pick 2 kids up today and then have 4 on Friday as usual.
Yesterday I stayed in and cleaned the house and made a pasta bake but forgot to take a photo,I also made some stuffed baked potatoes to serve with caramelised onion and pork sausage and baked beans. Which we ate for dinner tonight. John’s favourite quick dinners.I looked after 2 of the Grandchildren until five and then decided to do the shopping.
Tomorrow I have 4 kids and they are having a meal and have requested spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread which is an easy meal and they have asked for chocolate fudge cake and ice cream for dessert.mmmm they have great taste! 
Then over the weekend I will be organising my office storage and going to Merry Hill shopping centre to get a few more Christmas gifts and I need some ankle boots, on Sunday I am cooking a Sunday lunch for my youngest Son and his partner, roast beef and all the trimmings. On Sunday evening once the house is today there is a film I want watch on Netflix.
What has your week been like and what are your plans  weekend?
X Dawn


4 thoughts on “What I did this week.

  1. My mother-in-law has been visiting for two weeks, with another week before her departure. This week my daughter was out f state on business…her husband works nights, so I have been spending nights there and running kids to all their activities. Burning candle at both ends. Am kind of looking forward to having my regular routine and quiet house back. πŸ™‚

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  2. Dawn Hall

    I know how you feel,it sounds bad but I love it when everyone has gone and the house it tidy and quiet,I love them but it’s nice to hand them back,we haven’t had overnight guests for a while and when.we do I get a little.stressed I have to admit. Have a lovely weekend x Dawn


  3. My week has been (and continues to be!) madly busy since getting home from hols. YOu would be proud of me, though, Dawn – I bought a Christmas present today!!! Unheard of for me. We’re off out to Exeter on the train in a bit with friends, for sushi (I won’t be partaking in the sushi, probably have shrimp tempura instead!). Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

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    • Dawn Hall

      Thank you for the reply,well done you on starting your Christmas gifts buying, I hope you had a good time in Exeter,I love Sushi but not wasabi,wy too hot for me! x Dawn


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