Friday five


My five organisational tools.


1.Diary.My small diary I refer to daily in conjunction with my planner on my fridge,it has appointments and things I have planned to do.


2. My notebook, this has notes,shopping lists and to do lists, it is kept in my bag.


3. Meal planner,I only plan a weeks main meals in advance but use this as a reference when doing a shopping list.


4. My Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary notebook.
I have all of Christmas lists in this little book,cards,gifts,bakes and makes,events to attend,school events etc, decorating ideas,My menus for over the Christmas period, shopping etc and Birthday/Anniversaries lists by month. I carry it in my bag and cross off items off my list as I get them.


5. My latest addition is a blog post ideas book,I am trying to be a better blogger and have seen people’s blogs that I read and they have notes and ideas so I thought I would give it a try,I tend to ramble a lot but I guess that’s my style I don’t know, I have a few ideas and am big on organising at the moment, my home is quite organised but one I struggle with is my craft room/office/wardrobe overspill and general dumping ground so I am thinking of doing a before, during and after warts and all series if posts on that.
See,told you,rambling again!


There are my five for this week.
Dawn x


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