A chill in the air and Autumn is here.


Hi, here in the Midlands there is a chill in the air, to be honest I have not been really warm since coming back from my holiday in the sun with average temperatures of 29 degrees. I love the summer but also love cosy Autumn nights in front of the fire with my candles burning and a lovely mug of coffee or hot chocolate in my chunky comfy cardigan (that has seen better days but is far too comfy to throw away).

It is that time again,time to cosy up the house. I have candles all year round but add more in little votive’s and scatter them around the living room,they look so pretty flickering away, get out the fluffy throws as we have leather seating it can be cold so I have throws out anyway but change the lightweight ones for heavier or fluffier ones.

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I did a wardrobe swap before I went away,putting away the clothes I would only ever wear in summer apart from the ones I was packing obviously,and sorting through my tops and cardigans that I would wear on chilly days, I sorted through my shoes and boots and I need to get a new pair of comfy casual ankle boots to wear under jeans or trousers I got rid of my old ones in the Summer de-clutter. I got my mac and winter coat out of my spare room wardrobe and since coming back have changed my main wardrobe to all autumn and winter clothes. I have quite a collection of scarves and love them all year round,I like jewel tones in the winter and have a few deep red bags that I will use a lot more. I love deep reds and purples for nails, I have a lovely deep purple polish that I wear on my toe nails.

I have made a lovely warming casserole this week with crispy potatoes on the top, we were in need of some warming comfort food as we both had the holiday blues.I am looking forward to trying some new recipe’s that I found on Pinterest,a site that I waste so much time use for research and can while a way many a happy hour with a few cups of coffee browsing the boards for ideas on all manor of topics.I love making soups too,roasted vegetable,butternut squash and red pepper or leek and potato are my favorite’s but am going to experiment with new recipes,baked potatoes are a must in my kitchen too.

I am collecting items for my hot chocolate bar,which is basically a tray with jars of various flavored hot chocolate and toppings,mugs and stirrers etc for the Grandchildren that I put out on the opposite worktop to my coffee station,my coffee station is permanent,but I put out hot chocolate items in the Autumn/Winter and then change the tray and contents for Christmas,I then add candy canes and sprinkles for the Grandchildren,I am on the look out for some cute new mugs.I got some Kilner type jars from Ikea a few days ago in various sizes as I used the ones I had last year for storing items in my pantry, I couldn’t find a nice tray in there but have seen a nice wooden one on the Asda website for just £6 and am getting two,one for the kitchen and one for my coffee table as I have other plans for the one I have on there now.John rolls his eyes when he hears my plans or sees me moving things around and blames it all on Pinterest.

I look after my Grandchildren a few days a week after school for a few hours and am looking forward to wrapping up and going walking in the park,leaf kicking,squirrel spotting and coming home for hot chocolate,and board games, we have a no technology day one of the days that they come (they use i pads) when they come and we can play a game or do a craft project or bake and they love it, we also have a popcorn and a movie day,although as they are different ages it can be quite tricky deciding on a movie that they all agree on.

I like weekend lie in’s in the colder months and will make a drink and take it to bed and sit and read or watch TV in bed until I know I have to get up.

What you do to prepare for the Autumn and what do you look forward to?

X Dawn


4 thoughts on “A chill in the air and Autumn is here.

  1. Great idea to have a hot chocolate station! It is still in the 90s here, so won’t be getting out our Autumn things quite yet. LOVE the no-technology days and the move-and-popcorn days with the grands! May have to steal those ideas too.

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  2. What a lovely warm cosy post, Dawn, really enjoyed it. My thoughts are turning to holidays this coming month, as we’re off to Greece on Monday for a week, so I’m not really in Autumn mode quite yet. Haven’t yet succumbed to the central heating, but I suspect we may do soon! x

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