Friday five


My five pics are of my  re- organised drinks area on my kitchen worktop, I call it my coffee station,I think I have been watching too many American you tubers!  I had most of the items already so didn’t spend much at all,I think it like looks nice


1.This collage gives you the basic idea of what it is like


2.Kettle, tea pot,cafetiere, tassimo machine,jar for pods,breakfast bars in the big jar,it used to store flour,then my oversized Central Perk cup and saucer (cafe in American sit-com  Friends)John got it for me about 10 years ago, it holds coffee and hot chocolate sachets,then my tray which holds coffee syrup’s,spoons,sugar dispenser which was Β£3 from Tk Max, latte and espresso cups and my new coffee on the go cup Β£2.99 from B&M,I love it.The picture behind the tray used to be on my kitchen wall.


3. My cute sugar dispenser.


4. Close up of my huge  Central Perk mug,it makes a perfect holder for my latte and hot chocolate sachets.


5. My new (China/pottery?) coffee on the go cup, it was in the gift section in B&M with a little bottle of coffee syrup for just Β£2.99 and I love it, my old one was a thick plastic and I really don’t like drinking out of plastic, it matches my decor too.

There you go, as you can tell I am a coffee addict and I love my organised coffee station.
X Dawn


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