Friday five


Good things
1. Had a sort out of my kitchen worktop and set up a coffee/tea station, I usually do a hot chocolate station in the winter with marshmallows and sprinkles for the kids but made this for me,it is a work in progress, I found my oversized central perk cup in the back of the cupboard I am a huge Friends fan and I got this as a gift,I am going to use it to store coffee sachets,I am looking for a nice sugar and milk jug set because I chipped my milk jug a few weeks ago. I will post more pics when it is finished.


My tassimio,various cups and the picture I used to have on my wall.I think it looks nice.


I love my central perk cup and saucer.


Found this simple  but pretty nail design on pinterest and have decided that this is how I will get my nails done for my holiday, I am having  them done tomorrow at a friends nail salon she has just opened a hair and nail salon nearby. Because of my nail growing fail I have to have acrylics but won’t have long ones just a natural looking length.
3. My eldest Granddaughter Emily has inherited my love of books (trying to get my reading mojo back) and she asked for books for her Birthday, she said I have done you some snapshots in your phone so you won’t forget, she will be ten in November,she was born on my Mum’s Birthday,here is what I found in my phone, they made me smile.




4. My dog Alfie who is 8 has had a few skin issues,he had allergic dermatitis and thankfully his fur is growing back as he had a few bald patches,poor boy, he seems to be less itchy now and I changed his food and cut out his dog treats and gave him fruit and veg instead and it seems to be working. A huge weight off my mind.


It’s a dog’s life, he has his own chair in the living room
plus his own bed but prefers the chair,it is by the window so he can sir and look out and bark at the occasional dog or the post man.
5. Found a nice kaftan in BHS on sale for £12.50 it is really pretty and goes with my purple swimsuit. I love it.


Happy Friday everyone,I am off to check my fridge and do my shopping list and do my food shop later.
X Dawn


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