Just popping in


Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy coffee and it’s pretty much the same thing.


I love my coffee as I have mentioned before, hot or cold,instant or fresh brewed in my tassimi or cafetiere. I make instant coffee as soon as I get up then maybe during the day if I am in the house I will have a tassimo coffee or make a pot. I don’t drink tea,I have tried fruit teas but didn’t enjoy them. My favourite chilled coffee is a caramel frappe and at Christmas I love a gingerbread latte from Costa,I have some coffee syrups at home too but they don’t taste the same
,  also I have beanies flavoured coffee granules,My favourite so far is cinder toffee , if you drink coffee what’s your favourite? 
Dawn X 


3 thoughts on “Just popping in

  1. I only drink iced coffee. I just bought a bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate at the store today. I don’t like its flavor as much as my own cold brew at home, but it is so much more convenient, and I like to keep a bottle on hand in case my grandson drops by. He likes it the same way I do. Sometimes I add caramel syrup, but usually just cream and sugar.


    • Dawn Hall

      I love caramel iced coffee, hoe nice you can share with your Grandson! my Granddaughter and John love a cup of tea,she is nine and we give her de cafe but she has her own mug and when Grandad makes a pot of tea Emily has to have one too. X


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