Friday five


Five things I have done this week.
1. Watched Sleeping with the enemy, an oldie but goodie,that music still gives me chills,if you haven’t seen it then you should give it a go.


2. Trying to find out what my fur baby Alfie is allergic to,he has had numerous tests and we have now changed his food from dry to wet and are waiting to see if that makes a.difference. He has bald patches poor boy.The tests came.back negative for mites or fleas.


3. Got our travel documents printed off and checked in online for the first time!  we have paid for extra legroom seats as it us a four and a half hour flight and in economy it is really crammed, I am not a good flyer. We booked with Jet 2 and have 22 kg bag allowance and 10kg hand luggage so we haven’t bothered to pay for any extra as we can only have a week away because of John’s work commitments.Tenerife in playa de Las Americas and we are staying at the mare morstrum resort, we have been there before and it is a wonderful hotel.


We are right on the beach and the other side is a lovely little town with little designer shops and lovely restaurants,I can’t wait. We are flying from Manchester and are staying in an airport hotel the night before we fly. I always say your holiday starts at the airport. I just hope we don’t have any delays.Roll on September! 
4. Making a nappy cake for my friends Daughters baby shower,I haven’t finished  it yet, the shower is on Sunday at The Mount Hotel, which is a lovely venue,it is an afternoon tea theme,she is having a girl. I am looking forward to it.
5. Finally realised I will never have long,string nails!  I was determined to have nice natural nails for my holidays but they are so dry and brittle,when I keep them.short they are quite strong,they grow but flake or split, I have spent far too much money on them and so much time applying products. I have decided to get acrylics again, not long talons,just long enough to look pretty. I will post pics when they are done. So my nails are a big fat fail! 
Have a great Friday,the weather here is horrible. Rain again! 
X Dawn


3 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. I watched Sleeping With the Enemy not long ago too. So creepy.

    My little Jack Russel had such allergies. Seemed to be grass, and also food with corn products in them. He’s been gone years now. I would like to have another JR someday, but not fair to our aged big dogs right now.

    Have a fun holiday. Take a photo of the nappy cake. And I feel your nail frustration.

    Happy Friday!

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