Wedding stuff


I hope your week is going okay so far, my Nephew is getting married on Saturday at a place called Patsull Park Country Hotel and golf club,he met his wife to be in the first year of secondary school and they are in their mid twenties now, they are having a civil ceremony with wedding breakfast to follow and an evening reception,I know my Sister will be emotional. I am really looking forward to it,I am wearing a deep purple lace dress and have a black fascinator and accessories,John has a purple shirt to compliment my outfit.I am having my hair cut this week and then I will only need a trim before my holiday to Tenerife in September. I am doing my Mum’s make up for the wedding and am doing a trial run later today before Saturday,I hope the weather is good for the photo’s as it has been dreadful this week with some really heavy downpours. It would be such a shame if they couldn’t get some shots with them in the beautiful grounds of the hotel and by lake,I know nothing about the wedding so everything will be a suprise,oh sorry I do know the groom and male attendants are wearing blue and they have a vintage icecream bike for the evening serving all manor of flavours to  that’s all I know,my Sister hasn’t seen the dress yet,I have waterproof mascara,I think I may need it!  I am shopping for a Birthday gifts later too.
I am out Thursday with my Son and his partner for his Birthday and Friday before having my hair cut I am out to lunch an a catch up with a friend. John breaks up Friday for a week and we are going to Shrewsbury for the day next Thursday for the day as it is my Birthday.
I have to get Euro’s for my Nephews wedding gift,they are going to Italy for their honeymoon and as they have a house and have lived together for a year they have most of the stuff they need so have requested money or gift vouchers so I thought we would give them Euro’s so they can spend it in Italy.
The weather today is again dull and looks like we are going to have rain again.
Well I am off to do some housework before going out,hope it stays dry.
X Dawn


2 thoughts on “Wedding stuff

  1. I agree with Caroline – fingers crossed for a few good rays of sunshine…. though I’m sure it will be everybit as lovely a day if it isn’t as sunny πŸ™‚ Hope you have a lovely time Dawn, what a lucky couple going to Italy on their honeymoon- I’m sure it will be amazing πŸ™‚ XXX

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