Friday Five


Hi I haven’t been around much as I have been super busy here are my five reasons

1. I was asked by a close friend to help her with her new wedding and event equipment hire business, she asked if I could create a website for her I said yes so over a couple of days I did, it is still in its infancy but looks great. I will post links at the bottom of my five if you are interested, it’s nothing fancy but she loves it.

2. The same friend asked me to create business cards and fliers so I created  and ordered her cards and posters,she rang me yesterday to say they had arrived and she was thrilled. It is easy but she is not very computer savvy so I just followed online instructions.I am a self taught user of technology and if I get stuck I ring my youngest Son Ashley who is a whiz on the  computer or Google.

3. Met up with my friends for lunch and a catch up, had a lovely chicken and bacon salad and sweet potato fries,I love them.

4. Same friend asked me to design her wedding setting plan and a sign to welcome guests,her wedding is next year and is a lovely old converted vicarage that is now a hotel and her wedding has a vintage theme so it is right up my street.

5. Grandchildren,I have them two to four afternoons a week depending on their Mum’s work pattern,they keep me on my toes and I have them today and we have rain so they will be stuck indoors,I always have some project or other to keep them busy.

So there are my five reasons I have been awol this week.

Here is the link to the website I Have created.


and I have also designed these


Sorry if the images are huge I am posting from my phone

Dawn X


3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. All very good reasons xx

    Of which i have none but seeing how you manage to continue blogging has inspired me to have another go …. not sure of direction yet but i’ll just pop in and out until something clicks xx

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