John’s Birthday


Today is John’s 59 th Birthday, he doesn’t look too bad for his age,I think it is down to being so well  looked after by me! he is at work and has been since 4 am,we are going out for a meal over the weekend as he is just too tired when he gets home…. No spring chicken!  we did presents yesterday and today he will get his favourite trashy meal made by me, handmade cheese and bacon burger on a bun with all the trimmings, chicken skewers,corn on cob,salad and fries,he doesn’t like Birthday cake so I walked town today(in the rain)to buy him one of his favourite cream cakes and his favourite bottle of beer,he doesn’t normally drink during the week but it is his Birthday.
The Birthday Boy…


Love this man… Xxxx


3 thoughts on “John’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! The whole world should be thankful for the hard workers, they keep the world running for everyone! I have one too. He is home from work this week and repaired my car, one of the things I am SO grateful that he can do, as it has saved us a fortune over our married life. 🙂


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