Friday five


Summer essentials


1. I always have a chilled glass of juice or water with ice to keep me hydrated and then in the evening on a weekend, a nice summer drink,maybe a cosmo,or a gin and bitter lemon or dry Cinzano and lemonade with plenty of ice and lemon.
2. Painted toe nails,I always paint my toe nails but take paticular care on the summer but maybe adding glitter polish to one toe or a nail art stickers to add a pretty touch to my pedicures nails.
3. A floppy hat,I hate it when the sun catches your head and you get burnt along your parting so I wear a floppy hat when not under a parasol.
4. I love sunglasses and as soon as the sun comes out the shades go on
5. Factor 50 sensitive skin sun screen,I have a sun damaged areas on my body that I now apply a high factor to,I also apply it to my face and feet,the other areas I use a normal factor 20.
Have a  great weekend.
Dawn X


2 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. I always have a beverage near me as well. My husband says I drink more water than anyone he knows. LOL

    Your blog hasn’t been updating in my blog list lately, so I had to read a few today to catch up.


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