Friday five


Random stuff from this week


1. Went to The Bentlands a pub just outside town for lunch with the girls and I had a Mexican chicken salad it was lovely and great to catch up with friends.
2. Decided to get a gadget to remove dry skin from my feet (YUK) It has ten pounds off in Boots so it is £29.99,It costs £20 for a pedicure so it is worth it.
3. I am so pleased with my nails, this polish is from Avon and cost £1.50,my nails are getting stronger since using aloe Vera gel on my cuticle’s.
4. I was privileged to see the pictures taken of my best friends Daughter Amy’s babies 4d scan,it is amazing, the baby is due in September,how exciting.Mum is blooming although the heat is keeping her awake but baby is developing well.I carried my second baby through the Summer and it was horrible.
5. I found a cute owl doorstop in Home bargains for just £3.99
The school Pfa where I am a volunteer member is having the annual Summer fair today,I am on the cake stall,it is always a great event, we have stalls,rides,a clown and live music,we have food stands, ice cream,fireman and police,the kids love climbing up onto the fire engine and sitting in the police car.I hope the weather is kind,all the money we raise pays for the schools year 6 prom,the children attend free we pay for everything and all of the school leaver’s get an autograph book. Patents have been sending in some great donations for the stalls.I go at 9 today and won’t be home until 6 and will be exhausted but it’s worth it. Have a great Friday x Dawn


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