Today I


Good afternoon,what a beautiful sunny day here in the Midlands and I gather most of the UK,it is about time we had some glorious weather.Today I planned to stay at home and get some jobs done but it was a little too warm to do a lot plus my vertigo won’t allow me to do too much at the moment. After breakfast I had a tidy round and sat and had coffee and caught up with my favourite vlogs and blogs,it is so nice to see what everyone is up to, maybe I am just nosey,after my shower I painted my nails and filed a couple that I caught on the washing I was folding,it was annoying as it has taken me a while to get  them nice, here is a picture to show how long my nails have grown (this is being done from my phone so sorry if the pics are huge)



I am so pleased with them. I had a request from a friend who is attending a baby shower for a nappy cake (cake made from nappies) it is for a boys shower,I am pleased with how it turned out, the socks have little dinosaurs on which is why there is a little dinosaur on the cakeboard and she had requested little shoes on the top. I make the socks and wash cloths into little roses.


I made a bacon,egg and potato salad for lunch it was very filling.


I had a drizzle of heinz salad cream as I like it with potato and boiled egg. I can’t stand the low fat salad cream so it was full fat so only had a drizzle.
The houses being built across the road are going up quite quickly, it is very dry and dusty and  the dust is all over the house and car but the road will look so much nicer.


That is the view from my guest bedroom,aka the sleepover room as my little Grandaughter Myah calls it.
I am cooking haddock fishcakes with a leek and cheese filling from Sainsbury’s taste the difference range for later they serve them in the restaurant and I  liked them so decided to have them tonight, then I am visiting my parents my Mum had a hospital visit today and then an acupuncture session to ease the pain from her fractures,I will pop
and get her some flowers before we go.
It has been a little too warm to sit outside even though I love the sun and we have to wait until late to take Alfie for a walk. He has to have a good cut too this weekend, he will be a lot cooler then.
I hope you are having a good day.
Dawn X 


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