Friday five


This week


1.I got the new fifty shades book for my kindle app.
2.Made quite a few chilled coffees to keep me cool.
3. Started using the my fitness pal app,it is so easy to use. I am on yet another health kick,I have had a few health problems and I know losing weight and more exercise will make me feel much healthier.
4. Enjoying watching the bitch fest that is the reality
TV show Big Brother.It’s the sort of trashy TV that I am addicted to.
5. Found lots of Selfie’s of my beautiful Grandaughter Emily, who will be ten in November, on my phone along with lots is songs on my phone that I have never heard of,thanks Emily!

Dawn X


One thought on “Friday five

  1. I find stuff on my phone too. 🙂 I had to put my foot down after Candy Crush was installed, and I wasted innumerable hours playing with that silly time vortex. No more games, girls!


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