Friday five


Five in my teens I…
1.Smoked,I am ashamed to say I smoked when I was at school and I was hooked, I gave up about 18 years ago. It is the best thing I ever did,it was hard as I went cold turkey with no patches etc but so worth it.
2. Had my first perm, when I was at school it was called the shaggy look!  those perms ruined my hair. One perm went a bit wrong and I ended up with tight poodle like curls and I cried for a week!
3. Wore red tartan trousers, I loved the Bay City Rollers and saw them live and copied their outfits. TARTAN!!! 
4. Saw the film The Exorcist,my Dad forbid me to go but I went anyway,I was scared to death and my Dad had to sit on my bed every night for a week until I fell asleep because I was so scared,justice for my disobedience.
5. I used to ride my friends horses, two of my friends owned horses and I practically lived at the stables,I used to help out and rewarded by being allowed to ride over the fields near our houses,I begged my Dad for a horse but never got my own,the novelty wore off when I discovered boys!
Dawn X


4 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. A very cute boy asked me to go see The Exorcist with him, and I said no. I just knew I couldn’t have withstood it. 🙂

    I got a lovely card in the mail today. Thank you so much. It made me smile that you did not write in the card itself…I do that too! That way it’s not just a note to a friend, but a gift also that they can mail later to another. Loved that about receiving yours, as well as the wonderful friendly letter. 🙂

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    • Dawn Hall

      Oh i sorry I forgot to say thank you for your pretty card,how rude, it was lovely hearing from you. I am glad you liked the card x


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