Friday five


Favourite drinks


1.Starbucks iced latte,I love coffee hot or cold.
2.Smoothies,I make smoothies for breakfast all the time using fresh or frozen fruit with fat free yogurt.
3. Tassimo caramel machiatto,I love my tassimo machine (although it’s started leaking and they are sending me a new one) and the caramel pods are my favourite
4.Ice cold cider on a warm summer’s day,it has to be ice cold and dry for me.
5.Cosmopolitan,my favourite non creamy cocktail,love them and am looking forward to sipping a few on the terrace of my favourite bar in Tenerife soon,I make a mean cosmo at home too.My favorite creamy cocktail is a blue hawai it is gin,blue caraco,pineapple juice and cream it is so nice.
Hope you like my Friday five.
Dawn X


4 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. I have fav drinks too – really good coffee – like really good! Lol!
    Then Rooibos tea (naturally decaffeinated), then I like other drinks – but I rarely drink them – Gin and tonic, Brown cow (tia maria, ice and cocoanut milk – Not mixed – you get the milk to settle on the top – so it’s in two layers), I really like Coke – but I never ever drink it because its full of shite! LoL! (I have tasted it!) I Love all fruit juices – orange, grapefruit and tomato, etc, but I don’t drink them because of the sugar content. I can’t drink coffee after 2pm or I don’t sleep!

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      • Just put a layer of ice into the bottom of a tumbler, cover with tia maria,, then pour in cocoanut milk, or any milk, or single cream even – onto a tea spoon so that it cannot mix in. When you drink it, you will drink the tia maria through the milk, if you get my drift! (First had this in the Rockies, in Canada.) A bottle of Tia Maria lasts forever!

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