Best and worst


1. John and I went holiday clothes shopping and actually enjoyed it, I usually don’t enjoy clothes shopping with John,he is no help at all,I can’t stand the changing rooms and would rather buy online and try at home but on Sunday I managed to get quite a few items for my summer holiday,I am planning a vlog to show my bargains.
2. I went to the walk in doctors last night as I couldn’t get an appointment with my doctors, you have to ring at 8am on the day you wish to go and hope you get through and if you do manage to get through you may not get to see the doctor you want at a time that is suitable,the walk in centre is a good alternative and I was seen in fifteen minutes,I have allergic dermatitis and had a prescription for a face wash,emoliant and a steroid cream,after one treatment my face looks and feels so much better.
3.I have struggled trying to grow my nails for years and after years of false nails and acrylic nails my nails were in a bad condition but after applying Aloe Vera gel to my cuticles every day I can see a definite improvement and I found some nice pink nail polish and glitter fibre polish in Poundland I think it looks great on.


On it’s own or with glitter fibre polish on top,also from Poundland.


It is quick drying too.
4. Managed to win a Star by Julian Macdonald maxi dress that is bnwt (brand new with tags)  for under £4 from e-bay it was £55 in Debenhams, what a bargain.
5. Booked an afternoon tea for my friend’s Birthday treat for Thursday.
1. I have no idea what I am allergic too and am having to do a process on illimination I have a few culprits in mind,I am going to try to get my GP to refer me for allergy testing if I can ever get an appointment!
That’s it for the worst. It has been a good week.

I hope your week is going okay.
Dawn X


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