Friday five


5 things I ask myself
1.Why when I constantly hoover the house do I find dust bunnies every day?
2. Why when I have done a white’s wash do I find a white sock hiding at the bottom of the laundry basket?
3. Why when I am short on time do I chose a cashier that ends up changing the toll roll or has to call a supervisor to ammend a transaction at the supermarket?
4. Why when I ask John what he would like for his Birthday does he always say,don’t bother about me I don’t need anything?Β  (I am very tempted to teach him a lesson and not buy him a gift this year)
5. Why do I cryΒ  at everything? Sad and happy tears,adverts for charities,re-homing dogs,cruelty to those poor donkey’s,babies being born or watching the same movie for the tenth time and yet still crying at the sad or happy scenes?Β  hormones maybe?

Dawn X


4 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. Helen Parker

    No.3 – it’s not just me then ………………….. often I used to “jump out the car” and nip into a shop for something really quickly, leaving David and the kids in the car. I ALWAYS got the slow queue. They used to make jokes about it. One time, I popped into the chemist counter within Sainsburys, and – I kid you not – the lady serving had one arm (poor woman) – so every time I shop now – and I’m slow – David says “assistant have one arm?” (he didn’t believe me). She still works there …………..

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  2. LOL at no. 2 and 3 πŸ™‚
    There’s always something that misses the wash – finding a sock on the laundry floor when its mate is on the line is very annoying. I grimace inwardly when I hear the checkout chick ring her bell and say Price check on her mike. What’s a few more minutes in the line (not long unless you’re dying for a pee)
    Take care

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