Best and worst


Thank you to Caroline at for the idea for this post topic,I hope you don’t mind me borrowing it from your fab blog.
Here are my weeks offerings.
1.My youngest Son having a better scan result than we had all imagined.
2. Shopping for holiday outfits.
3.Having a relaxing bank holiday weekend, shopping,cooking and watching movies.
4. Being able to colour my hair after a nasty allergy rash…bye bye and good riddence to my grey roots.
1.Worrying about my Youngest Son’s scan results.
2. Buying a few things from e-bay and being disappointed,a top that looks really tacky and one that I just doesn’t suit  me,re-listing them now.
3.Realising my washing machine is on it’s last legs after hoping it will last until after our holiday in September… I doubt it judging by the awful noise and the dancing around the utility room.

Yours?    Dawn X


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