Bank holiday weekend


Hi,it is a bank holiday here in the UK, we did a food shop,watched the Eurovision Song Contest,John wanted  to watch as he liked the UK entry,they got 5 points! I was bored so spent  the evening messing around on my phone. I cooked  a lovely roast chicken using my favourite Jamie Oliver recipe here is the link I always cook my chicken using this recipe it is easy and delicious. We watched a old movie on Netflix called an Eye for an eye with Sally Fields, if you haven’t seen it then give it a go,it does contain violent scenes so be prepared.


Today (Monday) I coloured my hair,did a pedicure and treated my cuticles,John made some bacon sandwiches, I am now cooking stuffed baked potatoes for later. I have  also cleared my email inbox and started de cluttering the files on my laptop,tonight I am eating dinner and watching Made in Chelsea (reality tv show) which I am addicted to. John is back at work tomorrow and I have some items to list on e-bay so that will keep me busy.I hope you had a lovely weekend.
Dawn X


2 thoughts on “Bank holiday weekend

    • Dawn Hall

      It is very good Caroline,Netflix is great for finding old movies but you do have to wait a while for the latest releases. Have you seen Gone Girl? I recommend that, I enjoyed it. X


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