My very first video


I have laryngitis so my voice is very high and squeaky,I also have an allergy rash around my eyes and I have been trying to eliminate the suspects and I have found out that is a little powder eye shadow that has caused my problems,I had a rash over six weeks and then again two weeks ago and then it came back yesterday,it is very sore. So it is an perfect time to have the urge to make a video.


As you can see it is very sore,I have been applying Aloe Vera gel which eases the burning and am just about to go and get antihistamine tablets
I have been watching a lot video blogs on you tube and one of my favourite topics is what’s in my bag,so I thought I would show you what’s in mine,excuse the voice,the unedited video and the quality,it is my first so please bare with me and I promise the next one will hopefully be better. I hope you enjoy it.I filmed it with my phone and I used it portrait instead of landscape which I think it is why the filmed area us so small.

I welcome your Comments, Dawn X


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