Friday five


Thank you Caroline from, who’s blog I love,for the idea for this five.
Five favourite’s YouTube vlogs, I am slightly addicted to YouTube you can find so much stuff on there,I subscribe to some vlogs,watch old TV shows, American shows and I also love watching travel and organisation vlogs too.
It was hard to chose just five but here goes (part 1)


Caroline (Mrs M), I have been following Caroline”s online  blog (link at the top of this post) for ages and recently her vlogs,she vlogs about her fab bootlsale finds,make up and beauty products,she gives her honest opinion on products she uses, and general day to day stuff in a relaxed and friendly videos,I liked the recent Q&A posts,Caroline invited readers of her blog to ask her a question and she would answer it,it was really interesting. Caroline lives in a fab house in my favourite place in the country Devon.


The Pioneer Woman,Ree Drummond started blogging some time ago about her life on a ranch,her family and cooking,she takes amazing photographs of the ranch and her family. I have followed her blog for a few years.She progressed into writing recipe books and doing tours and.boon signings and now has her own TV cooking show on the food network. I can watch her episodes on her channel and watch older episodes too


Lisa Elddridge’s vlog is full of  make up tutorials as well as basic make up tips Lisa re creates make up of celebrities and shares make up secrets,I have only just found her but like her style.


Lisa Sansone’s Walk at home is a vlog I have recently found,I was looking for an easy exercise video,I have started following her routines and along with healthy eating have lost 6.5lbs in three weeks,I could have lost more but I had a little lapse last week. It sounds strange but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


Alejandra actually got on my nerves the first time I watched her organising vlogs but once you get past the annoyingly smug dialog there are some amazing organising tips for everything in your life that needs to be organised and some you didn’t even know you could,I am actually loving this now. She has the most organised home in America and although some of it is slightly ott for me I am a fan.
Do you watch YouTube? 
Dawn X


3 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. Great post, Dawn – I’ve been looking forward to it all week! I used to read The Pioneer Woman blog years ago, had no idea she had a YT channel so I shall go and have a look. I already follow Lisa, but the other two are new to me, so I’ll go and have a look at those as well. Am very honoured to be included on your list – thank you xx

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  2. Big grin when I read the “annoyingly smug dialog” comment. Oddly that makes me want to watch her videos to see just how annoying it is! 🙂 Well, and I always like and need organizational help.


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