Organised scarves


I spent a few hours today de cluttering and tidying my craft room/office and then my coat cupboard and  I had a pile of scarves, wraps and belts to sort out and I got a scarf organiser some time ago from Ikea so I decided to put it to use,I love scarves but tend to wear the same ones as I forget what I have but this hanger is fab.


And as you can see I have lots of room left for new ones,there are heavier pashminas and winter scarves on the bottom and lighter scarves and belts higher up,it is quite sturdy and hangs in a wardrobe or cupboard. I think it was around £6 but please don’t quote me on that.
I am very pleased with it.

Dawn X


2 thoughts on “Organised scarves

  1. Will be on the lookout for something like that here in Melbourne. At the moment I’m happy with my storage method but this looks a little bit better. Thanks for the idea
    ps Hawaii is a great place to visit – even the water in the ocean is warm lol


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