Friday Five


Must have’s in my “on a budget” make up bag.I always look for offers and I try to never pay full price for my make up.






Please note,prices are approximate as I did not check the latest prices or offers.I usually buy products on offer or 3 for 2 etc.

1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara,blackest black. I have very sensitive eyes and have had no problem using this great mascara, I love the wand,it doesn’t clog and it is easy to remove,it is around £4.99

2. Boots No.7 moisture drench lipstick in Highland Mist,the heather colour suits my complexion and I like the feel of it on my lips,it isn’t at all sticky. It does last a while but I re-apply all the time when I am out,it is a habit of mine. I wear it in the winter all the time and in the evenings in the summer as I prefer a lighter coloured lip gloss for summer days, I hope they never discontinue this colour as I have tried various heather colours from various brands and they are not as  nice as this one,it is around £8.95

3. Avon Glimmer stick eye liner wand. I like the applicator wand it is a wind up wand,the liner glides on the eye with no drag and lasts too. I use black and an aqua shade in the summer,around £3

4. Bourjois Paris eye shadow quad pallet,smoky stories in Upside Brown, I had this on an offer from Superdrug and love it, the colours are great for highlighting ,shadow on the lid and eye lining too, I don’t use the foam applicator, I never use them, I like my own make up brush as I get more control.The shimmer is just enough for me and it doesn’t crease,around £7.99 but I never pay full price I always wait for an offer.

5. Max Factor creme puff pressed powder,translucent, I have been using this for over 20 years,I like to seal my make up with powder but do not use the puff that comes with it I use a powder brush for a light dusting as I don’t want a chalky caked on look, I have tried the loose powder but make such an awful mess and it is not really transportable. This suits my sensitive skin and on holiday in the daytime I just use the powder and some blusher  for a more natural daytime look,around £5.99

Dawn x





One thought on “Friday Five

  1. I used to use Maybelline Great Lash mascara, too – loved it, but have recently found L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic which is even better, for me. More expensive though, which is a shame! x

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