Today I..


Good morning, today I got up quite early and saw John off to work,usually he is gone before I get up,I always make his lunch the night before and he has to put a cool pack on his bag and fill his hot water flask in the morning,last night I made him BLT’s,his favourite. After my coffee and sorting Alfie my dog’s breakfast I made a banana and peanut butter smoothie.
I got ready as I am out to lunch today with my friend and her daughter who is off school because her school is being used as a polling station because of the election,John and I will vote later when he comes back from work. Because I was ready early I have just had a browse on YouTube I have become quite an avid viewer,I have looked at lots of videos and v logs on various topics. I already subscribe to a few v logs,a few from bloggers that I follow and some new v logs that intereat me. I will post a list of my favourites when I get back later on, I find myself watching YouTube more than the TV lately,I look at holiday destinations and hotels,cooking,make up tips,organising,my favourite,before and after house tours and even exercise videos. I am a naturally nosey person so of course I am going to love it. If you are thinking of buying a gadget you can find reviews, instructions or tips on how to get the best out of the product,if you have never used YouTube,give it a go,you can even watch TV shows on there too,I have found old shows that I used to watch years ago,Americam shows that we are not up to date with and music videos too.
I am off out now but I will be adding a YouTube favourite’s post later.
Have a great day whatever you are doing.
Dawn X


One thought on “Today I..

  1. How strange, I’ve only just read this post. Great minds, eh?! I love YT as well, and am watching it more than TV at the moment. Maybe I’ll do a post on some of my favourites as well. x

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