Just a quickie


Good news… My Sister had had the all clear after 12 years after beating breast cancer,she found a little pea shaped lump and went to the doctor who sent her for a mammogram she was just 39 so wasn’t due for one until she was 50, the mammogram showed the lump she had found plus a tumor deep in the breast and she would never have known and if she hadn’t had the mammogram she would not be here today,she had aggressive chemo and radiotherapy following her surgery,despite losing her hair, and the effects of the treatment she managed to smile and live life as much as she could. My very brave Sister is now cancer free. Ladies please please check yourself and if you notice anything out of the norm go to the doctors.
My Sister and our family were part of clinical trials which found the females on my Father’s side carry the breast cancer gene so we will all be tested regularly.
Bad news, my poor Mum had had the results of her Mri and they have found fractures in the bones in her back as well as crumbling discs,she has been suffering agonising pain for a few years and now they have finally found out the case,she has epilepsy,rumatiod arthritis and ostioperosis and has been suffering crippling pain in her back,she has always been so well,she had always worked and been independent and now she can’t do anything around the house, my dear Dad does everything for her, he is fit and well and thank goodness,we offer help but he is very proud and looks after my Mum by himself. On good days she can get around but on bad days she really struggles. She is also brave because she gets on with it.

Dawn X


2 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. Oh Dawn the definition of brave is ‘endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behaviour) without showing fear’ Your family certainly are brave. It can be so hard to keep smiling when all seems lost, yet your family has done this with style
    ((((Hugs))) for all of you


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