De-clutter part 1


I am determined to rid this house of, for want of a better word,crap, so after breakfast I went to start, I emptied everything out of the fitted cupboard in the spare room, I decided to have 4 piles 1. Keep, only if it very sentimental or useful 2. Sell, if I can make a few pounds selling my stuff then great if it doesn’t sell I will donate at a later date. 3.Donate, either to to the school for the summer fair or to the charity shop 4 Dump /recycle.
I went through every box in there and now it has my Christmas tree and ornaments, my gifts box (stuff I buy through the year that are on sale), My gift wrap and gift bags and trimmings,dvds because I sold my book shelf units that I had in the lounge and I used to keep dvds on,I am still trying to figure out where to put them, the toys for when the Grandchildren come round and my cross stitch stuff. I got rid of 2 carrier bags full of junk for the bin, some jigsaws my Dad gave me, those expensive wasgij ones,I might try sell them, boxes that various electrical items came in, a box of items for school and a box of wires and chargers that I have no clue what for so I will ask my Son if they are if any use and if not they will get dumped,piles of games and magazines that I don’t want to keep, I felt like I have accomplished something and as I was on a roll so I got all my boxes,bags and baskets of make up,nail care and beauty products out and went through every one, I threw away half a carrier bag of old stuff away,I had sorted it not long ago but obviously was not ruthless enough, I found some things I had forgotten I had and some bottles of lotions and potions that had been open for ages so they went in the bin. So now it is all sorted,I know what products I need and don’t need. Tomorrow I am tackling my bedside tables and chest of drawers in my bedroom.
Off to make a curry for later and plan to watch tonight.
Dawn X


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