Friday five..


Things I have planned for this bank holiday weekend.We used to take the boys away or go to our caravan in Devon but as there is just us and we sold the caravan we don’t really do much,the weather doesn’t look that promising either.
1. Empty the spare bedroom cupboard and go through every box..since we emptied the loft I use this cupboard for storing boxes of stuff and it it full to bursting so needs a good sort out. I am being ruthless,keeping only essentials, selling,donating or dumping the rest.
2. Visiting a little garden centre where my friend works in the restaurant,we will have lunch and having a look around,we need a new lawn mower so John is on mission to find a bargain and they have a Yankee candle section where I spend quite a lot of time,it has to be done!
3. Go shopping for some clothes I had a really big sort out and donated some clothes,I have some I am listing on e-bay so need some summer tops and some black mules my lovely comfy black mules had to be binned I was so sad as I lived in them last year.
4. Watch a few films on Netflix, John never gets time to sit and watch films and I have planned a movie night for tomorrow night, movie and a curry.
5. Babysitting Sunday evening no school for the kids the next day so I might let them stay up a bit later.
Dawn X


3 thoughts on “Friday five..

  1. Hahahaha! SNAP! Saturday – look for new white pumps, Sunday – empty loft day time, Dog sit evening, Monday – garden centre where my sister works so get 30% off, not watching a film but Mary and Dan are coming round with their holiday photos and hoping to view them on the tv! Lol! Have a good weekend, Dawn.

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    • Dawn Hall

      Amazing how we are doing almost the same lol enjoy…I have been dying to get my hands on the stuff in the cupboard,might find some stuff to sell 🙂


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