Stuff I love to do..


Here a some of the things I love to do, quite long, apologies.

1. Line dry my washing,I love getting into a freshly made bed especially if the bedding has been dried outside.

2. Sit curled up on the sofa with a throw and a good book and nice glass of red wine.

3. Cook for people, I have been told I am a good cook, I love to feed people,trying out new recipes, I would love a dinning room with a long table that seats a lot of people and serving huge platters of my home cooked food.

4. A good murder, I love crime dramas on TV and real life crime stories, I am a wanna be Miss Marple.

5. A clean room. I am not a fan of housework but I love walking out of a room that I have cleaned,no mess or dust bunnies lurking,very satisfying.

6. Do crosswords and other word puzzles, I try to keep my mind active  by trying to complete crosswords, I don’t always finish them but I try,if you don’t use it you lose it !

7. A relaxing soak in the bath with a nice candle burning and my favourite bubble bath Molton Brown Ylan Ylang or Decleor Algeromes.

8. Writing or receiving a handwritten letter, I used to have a pen al, Heather a girl I went to senior school with, we chatted on friends re-untied and started writing,we did so for quite a few years and then life got in the way and the letters became few and far between.

9. Coffee,hot or cold, I love the stuff. No decaf for me I need my coffee fix, depending on my mood if I go out for coffee I will have a caramel latte or a caramel frappe, at home I have a Tassimo machine and they sell Costa coffee pods so I can get my caramel coffee fix at home. I also like the little jars of beanies,they are very low in fat and the flavours are great, I like the cinder toffee the best, I also like an instant Nescafe with low fat coffeemate.

10. Instagram,oh dear Instagram, I follow hundreds of people and can waste while away a few hours on there I think it is my natural nosiness,seeing how other people live,things they make or things that make them tick, I post random everyday stuff all the time, dawn060861 is my instagram username,feel free…

11. Have a lie in,John is usually up and out to work between 4am and 5 am during the week and he stays in bed until 8am on a Saturday,I don’t sleep well (menopause,hot flushes and insomnia) but sometimes on a Sunday John lets Alfie out and comes back to bed and we have a lie in or he makes me a coffee brings it up and we stay in bed ,if I can’t sleep I get up and call him around 9.30 am.

12. Making smoothies, I love fruit and have been trying to lose weight (have been trying for over 25 years,I am a yo-yo dieter) and I love smoothies and I make them for breakfast once or twice a week, I love banana,coconut (low fat coconut milk) and peanut butter (just a spoon full and I count it in my ww points)and a splash of lime juice. I also like mixed frozen berries with 0% fat yoghurt and a squirt of honey.

13. Finding a bargain in stores,boot sales and charity shops. I love shopping full stop.I think my best bargain yet was a dress I got brand new with tag attached for £5 and I Googled it and it was selling for £50 plus. I also had a Kitch Kitchen bag for £2 and it was £22 on the website.

14. Getting a gift or surprise for no particular reason, It is nice to get gifts and Birthdays and Christmas etc but a gift “just because” is a little more special.

15. My foot spa, years ago when I was working in retail John gave me a foot spa as one of my Christmas gifts, I though I would use it once and it would live in the cupboard along with the ab belt,massage cushion and back massager to name but a few, how wrong I was, after being on my feet all day there was nothing nicer than coming home and soaking my poor feet whilst having a cuppa, It has a massage facility too. I still have it, I use it all the time and on a Summer’s day when your feet are hot it is lovely to soak them in nice cool water. and nice smelling foot soak,I also do my pedicures at home so use it before removing dead skin cells ,moisturising and then pain ting my toe nails.I use soap and glory foot care products from Boots.

I could go on and on but won’t torture you any longer.

Dawn x



3 thoughts on “Stuff I love to do..

  1. #4. Me too. I tease my husband by calling them my how-to shows, and then dropping into the conversation, “Oh, I paid your life insurance premium today.” 🙂

    #5. When I get a room all spic and span, I catch myself walking by or into it numerous times to enjoy a moment of zen.

    #8. I took up a blog challenge a few years ago to mail 52 letters in 52 weeks, and love it so much I now do it every year. I like to make cards too, so they kind of go hand in hand. If you would like to email me your mailing address, I would love to drop you a line.

    #15. I don’t have a foot spa, but do love a good soak and rub. And for years I had a reflexologist with magic hands…aaaah. Strangely I have a phobia of salon pedicures however. 🙂


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