Friday Five


I will always….

1. Make lists,I find it so satisfying crossing off stuff on my to do list.

2. Watch reality TV..addicted

3. Buy candles. I love them,I love Yankee candles and am discovering lots of new fragrances (I keep calling them flavours) by frequently visiting the local store.

4. Volunteer. I have been volunteering for a long time. I can’t give money as we are not able to at the moment but I can give my time and have done for various charities and causes. I am at the moment on the PFA of my Grandchildren’s school and a co-founder of a charity that is for families with children who have Down Syndrome. It started when my dear friend had a little girl with Downs and there were no support groups locally. We started one, Abi who is my Goddaughter is now 8.Some years aho I helped raise money for the NSPCC by chairing a local group.We organised lots of events and am proud to say raised quite a lot if money.

5. Hate cleaning the oven!  I keep looking at my oven and think about cleaning it,buy the cleaning products and put it off for weeks and John always ends up doing it!

Dawn X


3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I would never even THINK about putting something off till my husband takes over and gets it done…ahem…yeah, sure I wouldn’t. 🙂

    Now because I am always concerned about having my smart@$$ remarks taken the wrong way, let me just state right out that I do the above ALL the time! lol

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