Meal planning


I like to try to be organised,it doesn’t always work but I always make a food plan and shopping list for the week, I may swap meals around depending on schedules or unforeseen events. My food plan starts on a Saturday because I shop on Friday evening when John finishes work. Here are my main meals for the week,evening meals except Sunday as we have our main meal at lunchtime.

Saturday – Chicken Tikka Massala (I use Lloyd Grossman sauce in a jar because it is is the only one John likes),basmati rice and poppadoms with mango pickle.

Sunday – (lunch) Roast lamb,roast and mashed potatoes,veg,mint sauce and gravy.

Monday – Tomato and basil pasta bake and garlic bread.

Tuesday – Salmon steak,baby potatoes and salad.

Wednesday – Chilli con carne and rice.

Thursday – Pork and leek sausage,cheesy mash and baked beans. (I use really good sausages,this is so comforting)

Friday – Soup and toasted sandwich (home made roasted butter nut squash and red pepper soup) and a toasted cheese sandwich, a quick meal as we have to do the food shop.

I always cook from scratch but one thing I have never perfected is a decent Tikka Massala curry so I have to use a jar and the best one I have tried is Lloyd Grossman. I also use quorn mince in my chilli as I am not over keen on minced meat.

I shop at home bargains for my cleaning products and toiletries and Sainsbury’s for everything else, I use a lot of home brands and I like the fact they use price match and I get points which I spend when there is a double promotion. I have my eye on some nice cook ware for the next points double up.

I do what works for me,do you meal plan?

Dawn x






One thought on “Meal planning

  1. I do…unless I don’t. 🙂 This week I rocked, and was able to have a home cooked meal every night even though I worked long days with an hour commute each way. I tend to keep the pantry and freezer stocked with staples, so can usually throw something together.


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