Loving the sun


I am loving the sunshine we are getting here in the UK at the moment and I hope it lasts,today I had to be at the doctors for blood tests at 8am,it was a fasting bloods so when I came out I walked through town to Morrison’s and picked up a chocolate croissant to have when I got home for breakfast. I then walked the long way home just to get a little exercise and as it was so sunny. I love drying my washing on the line, I love the smell of line dried bedding and towels. I also love going out without a big coat too, I dropped my mac into the dry cleaners and it was £10.50 to have a basic clean, I think they prices have gone up again like everything.

I am doing some housework as well as the laundry today and making a chicken,bacon and blue cheese salad for lunch, then when John comes home we will take Alfie ( My dog) a nice long walk and then have dinner which is chicken chassure,roast potatoes and veg,John requested it as it is one of his favourites. I have been watching some decent TV drama’s on tv and have a few on catch up so may watch one or two this evening. John will fall asleep on the sofa as usual,he does get up between 3 and 4am so I can’t complain.

Whilst typing this blog I have had two cold calls,one to ask me about my life insurance and one about cavity wall insulation, it drives me mad, I have to get caller ID, I sometimes ignore the calls and do a 1471 to find out who called and nine times out of ten it is a call centre, bloody pests !

I am feeling so  much better now, I still have a horse voice but that is getting better, I can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel, thank you all for your kind comments it meant a lot.


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