Been quite ill but feeling better now and ready to blog


I have been AWOL due to a very nasty viral infection, I have sent 6 weeks taking medication,hardly being able to move from my bed or the sofa and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, John has been so good looking after me, I have had the odd day where I have felt really good then bang,back to my sick bed. My immune system was really low and I caught everything that was going. I am still on medication and unfortunately had an allergic ration to one and have ended up with a rash too. I am won’t bore you any more  as I sound like a hypochondriac! This week has been my best and I have managed to go out for a catch up in Costa with my dear friend which was much needed I can tell you. Today has been sent catching up on e-mails,blog reading and housework.

I am on yet another fitness drive and have been really careful about what I have been eating once I got my appetite back. I have a wedding in August and have been looking at outfits which has spurred me on. I have been watching Netflix and a couple of DVD’s that John got for me. We have to get on with finishing the house too,we have lots of projects on the go.

I have not been on many dog walks or fitness walks but when I went to get my latest round of meds I walked home from the doctors through the ark in the sunshine and I managed that ok. I have not seen my Grandchildren for fear of passing any nasty bug on to them, I would hate for them to get sick. I have stored up lots of Nanny cuddles for them.

I am so pleased to see some sunshine, I think the sunshine makes you feel so much better.

On a sad note I attended the funeral of the Father of my friend Lynne,he had fought cancer for quite a few years and sadly lost his battle,he was 82 so I can say he had a good innings and was a brave man. My friend is obviously in bits and I send a few kind words every day but really I have no words as she needs time to grieve.

I am so pleased that one of my favourite trashy TV shows Made in Chelsea is back on, I also enjoyed  the two part TV drama Code of a killer,based on a true story of how DNA was first used as evidence in a criminal case,no spoilers just in case. I am trying to wean myself off daytime TV now I am feeling better as I have spent so many hours under my blanket flicking through the channels all day.

I am getting back into a normal routine again, I have been cooking but just quick meals because I didn’t have the energy to stand prep-ping and cooking for ages. I have missed it as I love to cook.

See you next time x Dawn


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