Goodbye negativity


I feel a lot better than I have during the last four weeks,still a way to go but feeling so much more like myself again. My dog Alfie got a new bed and a new teddy to go with it, he still prefers the chair by the window during the day but around 9.30 pm he takes himself off to bed, when we go to bed Alfie sleeDSC_0006ps in our room,he won’t settle if he doesn’t sleep in our room as he has since day one, he isn’t allowed on the bed though and doesn’t try to get on, he is such a good boy.

A dogless bed!

Mother’s Day was Sunday here in the UK and I had some nice flowers and had a few treats too.

DSC_0005 DSC_0002IMG_20150315_132446

I love prosecco and I had to have a glass with my lunch, the macaroons were so nice, I really like them,my favorite was the pistachio.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Dawn x


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