Friday Five…run of bad luck


I am not sounding too positive am I? what with me having a nasty viral infection lasting four weeks now,well here is more of the same,bad luck comes in three’s or so they say..mine came in five’s.

1. My dishwasher broke,new one sitting in the kitchen waiting to be fitted,(John is off work next week so it will be done sometime then)

2. My washer dances around the laundry room making a banging sound on the spin cycle,sounds like it is on the way to the washer grave yard to me.

3. I dropped a cheap £1.99 Ikea glass vase into the bathroom sink the vase has a heavy glass rim, the vase is in one piece but the sink has a hole and a huge crack in it.(see below)

4. I have a loo that has a leak in the pipe so we have to flush with a bucket ! (new bathroom suite being ordered tomorrow),need electrician,plumber and tiler oh and someone to fit a new floor.

5. My gas boiler wouldn’t turn on and is showing a fault, we have it insured so have to call them in,no hot water or heating (we have a gas fire thank goodness)

So as you can see dealing with all this on top of feeling like absolute crap it is hard to feel positive,new bathroom,new dishwasher…ok there you go positives! I promise to make my next post full of good things.

Dawn x


3 thoughts on “Friday Five…run of bad luck

  1. It’s hard to deal with mishaps when you don’t feel good or when they pile up one after another. Yours are piling up on you AND you don’t feel good. 😦 Hoping that health and good fortune is right around the corner for you!


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