Jobless and full of germs!


Week 4 of a viral infection  which I think started because of my work conditions in my new job, my customer service job was not hard at all in fact it was quite tedious,answering e bay e mails,complaints, enquiries and sales. The office was in a warehouse which had no heating. A couple of the staff had little heaters. I was by an open door and asked for a heater and had one for a day, I sat in my coat with very cold hands and asked where the heater was and was told by the boss that he had taken it home for his office. I said I can’t feel my fingers and was ignored. Whilst I was there three other people started for a day and didn’t go back so there is obviously something wrong. There are a lot more issues with the place too. I became Ill during my first week and got worse. Week three I decided enough was enough. I am still waiting for my payslips and P45 which I was told would be in the post. I am still looking for a job buy need to build my immune system up and get myself better. I have blood tests next week. Sad about the job but I couldn’t work there and that was that.
Dawn X


4 thoughts on “Jobless and full of germs!

  1. Wow, talk about a toxic workplace! The unfortunate part of the process is that you never know some of these things until you are there. Hope you feel better soon. Give yourself time and good care.

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