Friday five ,Never felt so ill


Week three of my illness, it started with a cold then a cough and then I had a really sore throat, I had sinus pain and headaches and a sickness bug. My immune system was really low and I am trying to build it up with vitamin c. I have lost 9 and 1/2 lb(not being able to eat properly) but I have to be careful when my appetite does come back.

I am am taking

1.Vitamin C to boost my immune system.

2. Throat spray for my throat infection.(sore throat is almost better)

3. Paracetamol for my sinus pain (the pain was constant but now It only lasts up to a few hours along with a headache)

4. An Inhaler for my chest infection ( this is not better yet)

5. Cough medicine for my horrible cough(driving me up the wall and very bad for a woman of my age to be coughing all the time if you get my drift!)

I have never felt so ill or so weak, I have not been able to eat, I am drinking water like a fish,when I do fancy something to eat I make it or buy it and when I look at it I want to to throw up! that is getting better and I have in fact eaten three proper meals in the last two weeks. I am not working now but that is the subject of my next blog post. I can fall asleep the second I sit down and have little energy to do anything. I need time for my body to heal and get back to normal. My Tinnitus is driving me to distraction too and has been worse since being ill.

I can’t remember the last time I changed my Facebook status,posted on Instagram or twitter so I must be ill !

So this giant walking germ is signing off. Filling my hot water bottle and snuggling under my throw.Have a great weekend. Dawn x   today I am craving Rowntree’s fruit pastels but only the lime and Blackcurrant


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