Friday five.


Five things that happened this week.
1.Payday. My first proper payday for quite a few years.
2. Saw Fifty Shades at the cinema although had to go to a late showing and today I am really tired.
3. Lost 2.5 lb 🙂
4. Stayed organised it wasn’t hard just need to plan ahead with meals and housework etc.
5. Tgif 🙂 Work, food shop, Pj’s and early night. I have a lie in planned for Saturday 🙂
How was your week? Dawn


One thought on “Friday five.

  1. Wow that’s lovely, Dawn, your first pay day at your new job 🙂 Well done, I am so pleased for you. You deserve it.
    Me – (Lol!)
    1) Started yet another new diet on Monday.
    2) Didn’t stay organised.
    3) Had control of the remote last night as David was away on a training course

    Speak soon.

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