Nail fail.


After having two lots of gel nail treatments to help grow and strengthen my nails and the first time I had then done they lasted around eleven days and the second time some didnt even make it to a week. I will not be having gel again. I am getting really fed up with it all. My nails grow but they break,flake or split. Back to square one.! If I have extensions I will have to keep them shortish because of my job. What to do? all I want us decent looking nails.
X Dawn


3 thoughts on “Nail fail.

  1. I had gel on my toe nails and it wrecked them. Never again. They are still growing out now. I have acrylic extensions on my finger nails. It costs me £16 a time, and I get them done every 3 weeks. I could probs stretch it to four weeks to be honest. It takes 45 minutes to one hour to get done, and that’s me done for another 3 weeks. No more time wasted on nails. Don’t get gel – it doesn’t last – and breaks. They always try and persuade you into gel saying its better, etc. But its not. I get very short acrylic tips done, so I can still work and type. They still look good as new every time I go back to get them re done. I always go to a Chinese nail bar in town. We’ve got 3. Sorry to say this – but I went to an English one, once, on the Friday and on the Sunday they fell off. The English can’t do fake nails. And they charge like double. Hope this helps. I have been getting acrylic tips since June, 2004! I have had 4 breaks in that time, of a week each (for operations – they make you take them off) – but other than that – I wouldn’t be without them. I would rather have fake nails than wear make up or get my hair cut if I had to choose! Also – they are so strong you can use them as screw drivers! Literally! Hope that helps!! xxx

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  2. I read recently that weak nails may be from a vitamin B12 deficiency. My nails are very weak, so I may think about taking a supplement. But I just can’t go the artificial route and become a slave to the nail salon.


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