My first few days of my new customer service job has gone well. It is a relaxed working environment but full on all day e mails by the hundreds. My boss owns a baby products business with online store and other platforms. My job is to answer e mails and solve problems. I am sitting down all day but do walk to work and back which takes all of ten minutes. It us a two week trial and i hope he thinks I am ok. Everyone is friendly and helpful but i was shocked on the first day I was shown the job and ten minutes later I was left to my own devices. The only way to learn really.Β 
I get up early around 5.45 and make drinks John has usually gone by then but a couple of days he is still here. I shower put my make up on and do my hair and get ready for work.I sort Alfie out, have breakfast and then I prep anything I can for the evening meal,unload and re load the washer and run the hoover round downstairs and leave for work at 8. 40. I finish at 5 and walk home I get in and out the meal in oven or start cooking it. Put the kettle on and have a coffee as I only drink water at work. I sort Alfie out and while the meal is cooking change out of my work clothes and put the washer on. After the meal John washes up as our dishwasher is broken and i have another coffee. I check e mails watch a bit of tv etc or tidy upstairs. I then make lunches for the next day. By this time I am shattered so I go through my bedtime routine and go to bed I watch TV for half an hour before going to sleep. Full on busy days.Β 
And I have just found out I have a permanent position and I was surprised as I was supposed to be doing a two week trial. I am very pleased.


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