Friday Five…My primary school memories


Here are just five primary school memories I have lots.I loved Danesfield primary school,the teachers and the pupils. I had a lovely time there.

1.I will never forget my favourite teacher Mrs Trubshaw,when I left to go to secondary school I used to go back and visit here if they were there on my days off.I used to help wash paintbrushes and listen to the little ones read.

2.Having lessons outside on the grassy bank on sunny days.Sitting in the sun with our books,we were so lucky.

3. Performing as one of the three little maids in The Mikado,we made our own kimono’s and sprayed our hair black.Our music teacher Mr Dodd was passionate and we put on lots of musical performances and concerts.

4.We had wooden porta cabins as classrooms away from the main building and one of our teachers in there was called Mr McGregor,he used to share his chocolate bars from his packed lunch with a different pupil every day.

5.We used to have swimming classes in a school nearby that had an outside pool,we used to walk there and back,the water was always freezing and Mrs Smith who took us stood no nonsense and if you wouldn’t get in she used to give you a little nudge and in you went! I used to hate it even though I could swim,my Dad taught me to swim when I was four.

x Dawn


One thought on “Friday Five…My primary school memories

  1. Oh, I loved reading these! I loved my first school as well. And my favorite teacher and I corresponded until she passed away. I even took my children to meet her once when they were little. She gave me a lovely necklace when I graduated from high school which I still treasure and wear.

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