Things to look forward to this year


I have a few things we are really excited about and I am really looking forward to this year.

Firstly we are going to visit my friend Helen and her Husband David from Guildford in March we are going the weekend of our Wedding Anniversary. Helen and I met on a crafting website forum and chatted for years and we lost touch then a few years later we think on AOL we got back in touch, we had so much in common and we always said we have to meet,last year Helen was volunteering at an event in Birmingham the next city to ours,with one of her beautiful Daughter’s and I said I have to come and see you,we actually met! we sadly didn’t have long to chat as she was working so we arranged for her and Β her Husband to come back a few months later. We had a stroll around the city and had lunch and long chats, John and I can’t wait as I have always wanted to go and visit. I can’t wait to see Helen again. eeeek! we were internet friends and are now real friends.I am also hoping to meet a mutual internet friend whilst there she lives near Helen. Such an exciting weekend to look forward to.

Next is my Nephews Wedding in August,he is my Sister’s youngest child,she has a girl and a boy,we are really looking forward to it and I have a few outfit ideas, I am working hard to lose weight for the big day.

Then in September we are off to Tenerife for a much-needed holiday in the sun,after a few very turbulent years we have booked and are going to The Mare Norstrum Resort ,we love it there,we went some time ago and can’t wait to go back.I have been looking on you tube videos and there have been quite a few changes to some of the places we visit so can’t wait to see it all. The area we stay is very nice . Tenerife does have Β a reputation for being a bit rough and rowdy,all I can say is that is not the case in my opinion and we stay in a lovely hotel complex,and the area has some great beaches,restaurants and some very nice shops too.

Dawn x


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