Friday five


Five selfies taken this morning. You have been warned!
1. I hardly sleep a full nights sleep these dayd and have huge bags under my eyes.


2. I trimmed my fringe… Oh my goodness why? My hair should soon be long enough for an inverted bob. The style i wanted and the hairdresser got scissor and layer happy.


3. Wearing layers it is freezing. Camisole top, top,dress,leggings,Cardigan,boots and scarf. Dressed for breakfast with the girls.
4. Boots. I have chunky calves and ordered large calves sized boots I could have had medium and they would have fit.


5. Gel nails. I have no nails they grow but split or break so I had gel nail treatment they cover your own nails with layers of gel which is heat set and then you get to pick a polish.It is then sealed and heat treated.My polish is Opi feeling sashy. It is a nice purple. My nails are growing as I can feel the edge of the gel so next week I am having infills and get to choose a different polish. By the Summer my nails should have grown nicely and stronger.


Told you it was scarey! 
Dawn x


4 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. I’m not sleeping much either. Last night I messaged someone on Facebook at 3am, and she answered me within ten minutes. I’m hoping she was having insomnia too, and not that my message made an alert on her cell phone that woke her. I’m letting my hair grow out too…seeming to take a lot longer than it used to. Love the boots!

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